Inspire Cover 2020

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News & analysis

The rise and fall of mesh in urogynaecology surgery: the impact of inadequacies
the surgical device approval system
By Lelyn Osei Atiemo

How should hyperbaric oxygen therapy be utilised in the management of 
osteoradionecrosis of the mandible?
By Daniyal Raja


Is the glass ceiling breaking for women in health science careers?
By Emily Wales

#Storemysperm: a plan to freeze the clock on falling sperm counts
By Sarah C. Thomson, Scott C Mackenzie, Jinzhang Davy He

Nutrition science: a chronic deficiency amongst healthcare professionals?
By Priya Patel

A life in captivity: the good, the bad and the necessary
By Robyn Dutton

Conference reports

Inspiring the future of clinical academia: INSPIRE National Intercalators’ Research Conference
By Jonathan Chan


Professor Oliver Hanemann: a nexus between clinician and scientist
By Saisunder S. Chaganty


Advice for dental electives
By Charity Tedder


Prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia in ICU: chlorohexidine plus toothbrushing vs chlorohexidine alone—a critical appraisal
By Michael Daldry

Whodunnit? When the question finally turns to science and medicine
By Sneha Chotaliya

The use of multi-omic approaches to study the microbiome during disease states paves the road towards comprehensive understanding of disease processes
By Atchchuthan Kanagasabai

Macrophages in gut disease
By Aris Alexiadis

Strategy for the global eradication of poliovirus: a model for infectious diseases
By Yusera El-Sockary

Is it ethically justifiable for oncologists to deny female breast cancer patients of fertility preservation options prior to cancer treatment based on their pre-conceived concerns?
By Ebunoluwa Elizabeth Kadeba

Folic acid in pregnancy: a need to obtain universal coverage
By Khadijah Ginwalla

The impact of social media on adolescent mental health: positive or negative?
By Millie O’Dair

Who cares for the caregivers? Application of vicarious trauma prevention research to prison healthcare professionals
By Catherine Ollerhead

The anatomical considerations in total aortic arch replacement surgery (island technique)
By Rajeevlochan Ravi

Case study

Metastatic spinal cord compression in a patient with multiple myeloma
By Rishi Trivedi

Research articles

Monitoring cardiac adaptation in elite, adolescent athletes using a novel, smartphone-based 22-lead ECG
By Harvey Johnson, Craig A Williams, Guido E Pieles

To what extent are guidelines adhered to in the management of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in paediatric oncology? A retrospective audit
By Abigail Wong

Infant feeding practices of HIV-positive mothers in a rural Ugandan hospital
By Hollie Garbett

Hysterectomy as an outcome measure for women experiencing postpartum haemorrhage in Wales: the OBSCymru perspective
By Louise Brown

How does the duration of treatment and post-treatment remission interval differ amongst patients with non-infectious uveitis who were treated across a 2–2.5-year period?
By Saanwalshah Samir Saincher, Chloe Gottlieb

Senior editors/referees

Senior Editors and list of referees, Summer 2020